8 Side Hustles for Project Managers

In today’s dynamic workplace, you need to know possible side hustles for project managers. Discover fast side hustles that can supercharge your income and skills. Understand and unlock simple opportunities to leverage your expertise and professionalism. Whether you are working full-time or part-time, these side hustle ideas are adaptable.

Use your project management skills in consulting, coaching, or planning. Easily transfer your work’s conceptualization and create digital content while working. It’s easy. Get paid for the content you create while spending little to no time. Earn extra money working on the side, broaden your horizons, boost your income and network, and grow faster.

2 Fast Side Hustles for Project Managers

Project management Side Hustle

#1. Project Consulting

As a project manager, you are highly skilled in planning, team coordination, and execution. Maximize the utilization of your skill set by providing project consulting services to businesses requiring assistance. Small and medium-sized enterprises can be your target audience. Most SMEs frequently seek assistance optimizing their operational workflows, allocating resources, and navigating obstacles. Your insights possess immense value in facilitating the attainment of their objectives.

Develop a comprehensive strategy for establishing a strong personal brand, especially on social media. Leverage word-of-mouth marketing and relevant networking events. The primary objective is to effectively attract potential clients and cultivate a reputation as a dependable and trustworthy consultant.

#2. Online Coaching

Side hustles for project managers... online coaching

The age of technology has paved the way for easy online coaching and tutoring. As a project manager, you can effortlessly share your experiences and expertise globally. Design online classes or workshops about how to handle projects well and how to be a good leader. Coach team members on how to work together. You can put your work on platforms like Udemy.com, Teachable.com, or even your website. This side hustle helps you make money, improves your speaking skills, and helps you meet more people in your field.

3 Project Management Passive Income Ideas

#3. YouTube Channel

Video content has evolved into an effective form for both education and fun. Start a YouTube channel where you share project management thoughts, tips, and case studies. By putting out good material consistently, you can get followers and earn money from your channel through ads, reviews, and sponsorships. With a blend of captivating visuals and hands-on experiences, your channel will grab people’s attention and begin to grow. You will make money and generate leads from your channel as it grows and you get followers. Above all, these will help improve your communication and speaking skills as well.

#4. Event Planning

Side hustles for project managers... event planning
4 project management side hustle

Planning events is a simple extension of how to run a project. When you organize online classes, webinars, or business events, you can show how well you can handle resources, deadlines, and challenges that come up out of the blue. Your project management attributes will shine when it comes to organizing vendors and managing how they feel. Your name and demand will grow as word spreads that you can plan events differently. This is an easy-to-start project management side hustle to me.

#5. Business Coach

Many entrepreneurs lack the structured approach that project managers bring to the table. By becoming a business coach, you can guide startups and business owners in strategic planning, goal setting, and efficient execution. Your project management insight will help them navigate the complexities and achieve their business objectives. This side hustle can be conducted through one-on-one coaching sessions or group workshops.

3 Project Management Side Hustles

#6. Influencer Marketing

Side hustles for project managers... influencer marketing
3 side hustle project management jobs

You can explore influencer marketing as a project manager or engineer if you have an active social media profile, particularly on Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, or Twitter (X). You can focus on project management or any other passionate niche like sports, entertainment, information marketing, or insurance. Just make sure you catch the attention of brands along the way.

With some social media influence, your endorsement carries weight, showcasing your credibility and attracting lucrative partnerships. This digital side hustle involves sharing authentic reviews and content that resonates with your audience. As a project manager or influencer, it is vital to provide genuine feedback. Create relatable content to connect with your audience.

#7. Social Media Manager

As a project manager, it is important to recognize that social media has become a crucial marketing tool for businesses. Understand that you have the opportunity to showcase your skills in this particular industry as well. I am pleased to present my expertise as a social media manager, specializing in devising and implementing effective campaigns, overseeing content calendars, and evaluating performance metrics.

Besides, to ensure success in the competitive digital landscape, it is crucial to possess strong coordination skills and maintain consistency across diverse tasks. This will greatly contribute to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of businesses. I believe you can start a project management side hustle with 2-3 hours surfing the net every day. Start marketing your services via your WhatsApp status to friends and family members that have tight schedules. See an example of a social media side hustle.

#8. App Development

Side hustles for project managers... app development

As a project manager, study and understand the vast potential within the app development niche in today’s technology-driven world. For those with coding skills or a willingness to learn, I highly recommend exploring the development of a project management-focused app. A wide range of options are available when considering the tools and platforms for task management and collaboration. Based on your expertise in understanding user requirements, generating wireframes, and monitoring prowess, you have the potential to create a thriving app and a fulfilling project management side hustle. You can do it if you get started.


In all, it is important to recognize that your skill set has the potential to go beyond the boundaries of traditional employment. I advise you to start a project management side hustle that can help you monetize your expertise, earn extra money, and grow professionally. When considering your options, it’s important to remember that each side hustle can serve as a platform to demonstrate your exceptional project management skills and tap into untapped potential.

Whether you offer consulting services, provide coaching, organize events, or venture into other avenues, leverage your project management expertise to its fullest extent. Be creative and innovative.

FAQs: Side hustles for project managers

How can I make more money as a project manager?

Project management Passive income ideas

If you want to make more money, you might want to use your skills outside of your main job. Look into project management side hustles like consulting, teaching, selling courses, or content creation. These can help you earn extra money and push you to advance in your career.

How do I freelance as a project manager side hustle?

When you work as a freelance project manager, you give your skills on a contract basis. Freelance side jobs can be found on websites like Upwork.com, Fiverr.com, and Freelancer.com or through networking. You should highlight your skills, past projects, and value offer to get clients.

What is the best career path for a project manager?

Depending on your hobbies and goals, there are many ways to become a project manager. You can move to a senior project manager job from an entry-level project coordinator position or switch to a product manager or project management adviser post. Just be focused and improve with every opportunity you get on the job.

What is the #1 side hustle?

The best side hustle is different for everyone because it hinges on your passion, skills, interests, and goals. But side jobs matching your skills and interests are the most successful and satisfying. You can message me for a few pointers if you want.

What is your highest-paying side hustle?

The highest-paying side hustle can differ greatly based on the market, consumer demand, and your level of expertise. Based on the value you offer clients, consulting, planning, coaching, and other specific services tend to have higher rates. A project management side hustle will always pay more than a virtual assistant side hustle. In the same vein, a copywriting side hustle will pay higher than a dog walking side hustle.

What is the easiest and most profitable side hustle?

What is the best career path for a project manager?

The easiest and most profitable side hustles depend on your skills and dedication. Taking online surveys, mowing lawns, and running errands around your neighborhood can be easy to start and sustain. Project management consulting, wedding event planning, project supervision, and specialized services, on the other hand, can be very profitable because they require a lot of knowledge and experience.

How do I choose my side hustle?

Choose a side hustle that aligns with your strengths, interests, and goals. Consider the demand for your chosen side hustle, the value you can provide, and the growth potential. Start with something that excites you and has a viable market.

What are the benefits of a project management side hustle?

Incorporating these project management side hustles into your career can open doors to financial stability, personal growth, and expanding professional horizons. Embrace your project management skills and embark on a journey of diversification and success. I hope one of these 8 side hustles for project managers is worth giving a start!

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