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Earnsmore is a second income online magazine designed to help people find ways to EARN MONEY online, and pay their debts. Also, to help readers earn passive income, increase their income, and live a prosperous life.

Meanwhile, our advice and tips come from extensive research, experience, hacks, and practice. And these are not limited. Although Earn$more has not been quoted in any famous magazines, we have research yet, but we will pass there.

These magazines include:
Readers Digest, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Discover Bank, Entrepreneur, Rock star Finance, Medium, AOL, Lifehacker, Cheapism, The Simple Dollar, MSN Money, and Well Kept Wallet.

My name is Mina, and I am a passionate writer with a penchant for finding a version of financial freedom that will allow me to marry work and fun in one cart and my family in another.

Simply put, I want to earn more money to have the freedom to choose how I want to spend my time and the place I work.

I want to have enough for my family and to assist the less privileged kids I come across. I want to create memories with my family, catch moments in between, and make memories for many others that had nothing but their dreams to hold on to. I want to retire at 40 too, LOL.

My list is very long.

Learn creative ways to earn more money online with little effort. Master a skill and create a passive income for yourself with a little work.

Now, in 2022, I think I have finally found the keys I have been seeking for the past seven years. I understand how stuff works, and we’ve rolled up our sleeves to help others get started.

It is ironic to succeed, especially when you consider how bad your financial status may be right now, yet it is achievable. You won’t forget your low points in a hurry, so use them to drive yourself up the hill to your peak.

I started as a freelancer working on Fiverr in 2015 when I was without a regular job doing freelance architectural work and handling projects to pay the bill. For some reason, I was struggling to get jobs because I just relocated to a new state just a few months back. Things further took a downturn with a few more changes and decisions that immediately brought positive results.

So, grinding online was the only way out. It gave me a lease, a loan, a way out, and a blank check to write my story. I took the opportunity and began to run. Working on Fiverr gave me better insight into what clients want as value for money. The experiences made me mainly research extensively and sieve the chaff from the online wheat, although I was under-earning when I started. I started and grew over the years.

How to earn more money

For you, you can embrace frugal living and begin to explore the simpleness of life. Saving money is great if you have to become rich. Adding remote gigs to your income will astonish you. And perfecting these with another income source will humble you and fill you with contagious excitement and new ideas.

Within twelve months of consistent grinding, you will create a balanced life with an increased income. If you can master your craft and improve your marketing and negotiation skills, it is a great industry to work in. Remember, creating passive income streams is the primary key to living the life of your dream.

I am a gig worker now, and I love what I do. I took to blogging for fun in 2011, shortly before I started working for a bank. Working in the bank was one of my best financial experiences to compare the things I had read and the real-life scenarios. Also, keeping a job while chasing your passions is not a great mix if you are not determined and focused.

In 2013, I resigned from the bank and went into architectural freelancing. I stopped blogging in 2015 after realizing I was blogging for fun and might not earn a dime in the immediate future. I joined Fiverr and began to hone my writing and marketing skills. I made $109 after four months, and I was excited. My goal was to make money on the internet, and I have achieved it.

How to make money online

In 2016, I scaled up my skills and earned even more than I could have imagined. My income grew to an average of $500 monthly, and it afforded me the time and luxury to invest in other ventures. It was my eureka moment. My eureka season gave me even more ideas on maximizing the time we spend on the internet, having fun and earning more money.

A few things are happening every day in all of these: I keep learning, keep reinvesting in myself and my craft, keep investing in my business, and keep scaling my goals and targets. You can do the same if you start immediately. This column is not about us, but to inspire you.

Now, I enjoy working remotely from wherever I want. And I earn money online every month. It is not the life I dreamed about yet, but it is a more fruitful result than keeping jobs and hustling for multiple jobs to pay the bills.

What about you; what’s your story?

Follow us on this journey as we learn to earn more money while enjoying the simple things of life. I promise you, it will be fun if you can discipline yourself to be consistent.

Thank you so much for being here – to read about us and know us, Earn$more.

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