15 Easy Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money

Are you looking for jobs for 10-year-olds to make money? You have come to the right blog. There are some excellent choices in this collection.

It’s never too early to start instilling in your child a respect for money and an understanding of its value. One great strategy is encouraging your kid to get a job and make money. You can show your kid the value of saving, sharing, and spending wisely with the money he makes. Help them learn simple digital skills to make money.

Your kid can earn some spending money by helping you around the house. In addition, kids of all ages can try their hands at a wide range of business opportunities.

5 Fun Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money

15 Easy Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money
15 Easy Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money

Do you want to teach your 10-year-old about the value of hard work and financial literacy simultaneously? Read on for some kid-friendly employment suggestions.

Helping a child as young as 10 learn how to earn money independently can establish a work ethic in them. Teaching youngsters money management skills can help them build a solid financial future.

The amount of money a ten-year-old can make working a part-time job varies widely. It depends on the nature of the work and the availability of the child’s schedule.

With this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best careers for 10-year-olds.

Landscaping/yard work

Landscaping Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money
Landscaping Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money

If you’re ten years old and love the outdoors and making money, yard maintenance and landscaping are great possibilities.

Earning money in the yard or landscaping industry is possible for children as young as ten. They can perform chores such as gathering sticks or pine cones, weeding flower beds, and spreading mulch. Other tasks include raking leaves, weed-eating, planting flower bulbs, trimming hedges, and mowing grass.

A 10-year-old with dreams of starting their own landscaping or lawn care business could learn valuable skills doing work like this.

Pet sitting

Pet sitting might be an excellent way for a responsible 10-year-old to earn some spending money.

Dog or cat owners will be eager to pay your ten-year-old to care for their pets while they’re away. As a bonus, pet sitting for neighbors can be a goldmine. Many pet owners need someone to look after their animals while at work. This could be a great summer job for your kid.

Your youngster must know how to care for the animals, which might be as easy as ensuring the bowls are always full. Pet sitting could be easy for your kid if they enjoy being around animals.

Dog walking

Dog walking... Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money
Dog walking Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money

Dog walking is another great option for kids who enjoy being outside and have a soft spot for animals.

Dog walking is a great way to earn extra money in a relaxing setting. If your child is 10, you can help them hone their dog-walking skills by letting them take your dogs for a stroll around the block.

You can help them get their first “customers” (dog owners) after they are comfortable with their dog walking skills.

For instance, a Facebook post to friends and family could promote your child’s dog-walking services. Another option is to knock on neighbors’ doors and ask if they need help getting their pets out for walks.

Paper route

A ten-year-old can also make money as kid by starting a paper route.

I can attest to the potential earnings because I once had a paper route as a child. It is crucial to check state and local laws to see if a child under ten can legally have a paper route. In California, for instance, the legal age for newspaper carriers is 12.

Contact the newspaper office in your area to determine if a paper route is viable for a 10-year-old.

Sell baked goods.

A simple option for your ten-year-old to make some spending money is to sell baked snacks they’ve made.

They may hold a bake sale in your driveway or set up a booth at the local farmer’s market. They could also consider selling their baked goods to cafes and bakeries.

You may need to invest in a quality baking set if you don’t already have one at home. Once they have the tools, your kid can try making delicious treats like doughnuts, cupcakes, and more!

Start a YouTube channel.

YouTube channel... Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money
Start a YouTube Channel

Consider recommending a YouTube channel if your ten-year-old is interested in online work opportunities. Teens may have fun while picking up valuable job skills like content creation, video editing, and promotion in this online environment.

Your kid might enjoy testing toys, playing video games, or making things. Toy testing is a growing industry, but your youngster is more interested in another activity.

Children under 13 are not permitted to have their own channels on YouTube, so they will need your help getting started.

Flipping or reselling

If a ten-year-old has a knack for locating bargains, they can make a lot of money by flipping and reselling.

The term “flipping” refers to acquiring goods at a discount or even for free to resell them for a profit. Your kid can get some quick cash by selling any outdated toys they no longer play with.

A 10-year-old can make money by selling stuff at garage sales and yard sales. He can sell on Craigslist, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and in Facebook bargain groups. 

Consignment, comic book, and collectibles shops are just a few examples of local establishments that buy secondhand goods.

My neighbor’s teen daughter’s Manga and Funko Pop collection was sold to a local comic book store for over $300. You can also locate potential gems to resell in these settings.

Face painter

A career as a face painter might be enjoyable for a creative 10-year-old, but they need to remember to put safety first. Research and implement effective hygiene and sanitation procedures before opening a face painting business to reduce the likelihood of spreading disease.

Make sure your child follows all state and federal health and safety laws by researching them online. Ensure your kid has the artistic chops and expertise to deliver high-quality, risk-free face-painting services.


Gardening Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money
Gardening Jobs for kids to Make Money

A ten-year-old with a green thumb and an entrepreneurial spirit could make extra cash by cultivating and selling locally grown vegetables. In addition to selling to locals, they might also participate in a local farmer’s market.

A couple of free-standing beds that can fit on a porch or balcony will give your youngster a place to sleep outside, even if you don’t have much room. Giving your 10-year-old some seeds, soil, and gardening tools can convert their passion into a lucrative business cultivating and selling their food.

Gift wrapper

There’s always a time of year when everyone is busy and could use a hand wrapping their gifts. Here’s where your 10-year-old kid can help you earn some cash. Using only gift wrap, scissors, and tape, you can work from home and earn money wrapping presents.

Your kid’s gift-wrapping business can grow beyond the holiday season as they gain expertise. They can advertise their services for other events, such as birthdays, weddings, and graduations, and become known as the best gift wrapper in town.

Start a blog.

Starting a blog can be a great option if a ten-year-old enjoys writing and wants to make money from his passion. Blogging is a great way for young people to gain workforce experience while having a lot of fun.

Your youngster will need a laptop and access to the internet to begin blogging. They’ll also require blog hosting, which can be obtained from providers like Namecheap for a few dollars a year. Your youngster can then begin blogging about topics they are interested in, with the possibility of earning money from ads or sponsored posts. Learn how to monetize a blog.

Dog treat business

Your ten-year-old can put her animal-loving skills to good use by selling baked dog treats. It’s a business plan that both adults and children can implement.

To begin, have your child gather pet-friendly baking ingredients and cute dog treat baking molds. There are a plethora of dog treat recipes available online for those who are stuck for inspiration.

Lemonade stand

Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money
Lemonade Stand is Fun. Jobs for kids to Make Money

While setting up a lemonade stand may seem like something out of the past, it’s a great way for a 10-year-old to get some spending money. If you have enough room in your yard, your kid can set up a stand and sell to the neighbors and anybody else nearby. Your youngster will need the following to launch a successful lemonade stand:

  • Lemons, sugar, honey, and other ingredients (check out a delicious lemonade recipe online!)
  • A pitcher or cooler to hold the lemonade
  • Cute cups to serve the lemonade in
  • A cash box to collect the money they earn.
  • A table to hold their supplies and a chair to sit in.

Help your kid get the word out by making signs for the lemonade business and posting them around the neighborhood or online. Also, find out if selling lemonade from your driveway or the sidewalk is acceptable in your locality.

Be a neighbor’s assistant.

Making money as a neighbor’s assistant is a terrific option for ten-year-old kids. This can be as easy as bringing in the mail or emptying the trash. Your kid can be sweeping the sidewalk or unpacking the groceries. It’s a great way for kids to help their communities while making money for fun.

Elderly neighbors can desire some real-time assistance. It’s a great way for young people to meet and learn from people from different generations. It’s a win-win scenario and a fantastic opportunity for kids to contribute to their communities while running a side hustle.

Pick up dog poop.

Although it’s not the most exciting work, a ten-year-old can earn money by scooping dog excrement or cleaning cat litter boxes. Most people with pets would gladly pay someone else for this work.

Your child will need a pooper scooper or litter box scoop and garbage bags to get started. They can advertise their services to neighbors who also have pets. Most pet owners would rather avoid these routine cleanings by paying a weekly token to a 10-year-old kid.

Close the first customer and let your kid start. Give them gloves and remind them to wash their hands frequently.


Babysitting Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money
Babysitting Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money

A ten-year-old can babysit, which is traditional employment for kids to earn extra money. After school and on the weekends, your youngster can start by watching younger siblings or neighbors. As they gain expertise, they can offer their services to more people.

UrbanSitter reports that the going rate for babysitting a single child is $22.68 per hour. If a 10-year-old babysits many times a week, they can earn a lot of money.

A helpful hint: When your child reaches the age of 11, they are eligible to enroll in a babysitter training course at their local Red Cross chapter.

Snow removal

Looking for kid-friendly wintertime jobs? If you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow in the winter, your ten-year-old child has a great opportunity to make some additional money. Here are some fantastic wintertime jobs for 10-year-olds:

  • Snow shoveling
  • Scraping ice from car windows
  • Salting sidewalks

Children will need a sturdy snow shovel, warm gloves, and appropriate winter clothing to begin these tasks. They should also be informed that shoveling snow is a physically demanding activity. Despite this, a 10-year-old could be able to start one for very little money over the winter months.

Can a 10-year-old get a job?

Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money online
17 Fun Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money online

The Fair Labor Standards Act establishes the minimum employment age in the United States, currently set at 14. However, a higher minimum age may be imposed by a state law.

Because of this, it is unusual for children under 16 to be hired for typical jobs. Nonetheless, kids as young as 10 can find various ways to earn money.

Federal law permits parents to employ their children in a family business, so you can legally hire your 10-year-old if you own a modest business.

Your child can acquire a wide range of valuable skills from you, including time management, social media management, customer service, accounting, bookkeeping, writing, blogging, and video editing.

Even if a 10-year-old is not mature enough to handle a traditional job, there may be options within your company that would allow them to gain work experience.

Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money FAQs

Summer jobs for 10-year-olds that pay
Summer jobs for 10-year-olds that pay

What types of jobs can a 10 year old get?

Although most traditional professions in the United States require applicants to be at least 14 years old, children as young as 10 can still find many ways to earn an income. Examples include starting a small business or doing odd jobs around the house. Dog walking, cat watching, and babysitting are services that a child as young as 10 can provide, and they are lucrative.

Is it a good idea for a 10 year old to have a job?

Finding ways to earn money with your 10-year-old might be beneficial because it teaches them about budgeting and saving for the future. They may become less reliant on you monetarily and develop other means of support. As a result, it’s important to think about how to motivate your kid to get into a profession that uses their skills and interests.

What are some good jobs for young teens?

Teenagers aged 13 and up have various options to make money as side hustle. It can be through online or offline jobs. They can participate in paid online surveys with Survey Junkie or become video game testers. High school students can take up summer camp counseling or work as cashiers or baggers in grocery stores. The opportunities to earn money are numerous and available at almost any age. They can

Jobs for 10-year-olds to make money online

Cleaning Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money
Cleaning Jobs for kids to Make Money

Online survey taking, selling handmade goods on marketplaces like Etsy or eBay, and providing internet tutoring or writing services are all viable online income streams for 10-year-olds. However, parents need to ensure their children work in safe, age-appropriate environments.

Summer jobs for 10-year-olds that pay

Lemonade stands, yard work, pet sitting, car washing services, bake sales, and garage sales are all viable summer income opportunities for children aged 10. The jobs their children are considering should be checked for safety and suitability by the parents.

FAQ: How to make money for 10-year-olds

Are there summer easy jobs for 12-year-olds? 

There are various simple work options available for 12-year-olds over the summer. One option is to become a shirt designer, which allows them to express their creativity by customizing shirts with fascinating designs. Another option is pet sitting, a terrific way to make money while caring for animals. 

Delivering house chores such as cleaning, organizing, running errands, and assisting with basic tasks can also be used to earn money. Being a dog walker is an adventurous idea for folks who like being outside. Fence painting may be a bright and creative way to earn money for creative 12-year-olds while giving outdoor places a new look.

Can you recommend a list of jobs for 10-year-olds? 

At age 10, kids can do various chores that are right for their age and help them learn skills and responsibility. They can explore their creativity by making shirts, taking care of pets as pet sitters, helping with home jobs, making a difference by walking dogs, or even helping with community projects like painting fences. These things teach kids important lessons and give them a sense of achievement.

Final thoughts on the best jobs for 10-year-olds to make money

Most kids can start making money independently by the time they turn 10. A child of ten can easily and profitably earn some spending money by helping out around the house or in the neighborhood. For younger kids or older teens interested in entrepreneurship, you can easily modify some of the suggestions here. Kids can locate their dream jobs by learning about themselves and their abilities.

You can get your 10-year-old started in the right direction by talking with them about their hobbies and strengths. By learning about their interests, you can help them choose a career where they will thrive.

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