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Dear Readers,

Please feel free to drop by and email me. You are our source of inspiration and the reason we write and post on this blog every week. With all pleasure, send in your question(s), suggest a topic, or send a message to connect.

Despite all, I am confident I will respond to your email ASAP. It is an obligation I don’t joke with or take for granted. 

Why you should contact us

Dear Writers/SEO Experts/Brands,

I am delighted that you recognize our work and deem it fit to reach out. Thank you so much; gracias. I will respond to your emails as well. Let’s all earn more money.

However, take note of the following status quos:

1. We are now ACCEPTING guest posts for this website

2. There is no opening for SEO consults or expert hiring

3. We are not implementing link exchange for now

We help our readers earn money online. Contact us.

If you have a proposal, contact us. Send your messages and proposals, and we might find common ground in due course.

We are open to considering working with relevant brands on lucrative sponsored posts (tagged “sponsored“) to benefit our readers immensely. Let’s achieve success together.

Direct all correspondence to: or read ABOUT US.

Thank you for contacting us.

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