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13 Ways You Can Earn More Money Online

F or many people, earning more money online would be a big dream come true or a successful goal. If only they discover a way or two to make more money with a blog, website, or some other online platform, they could quit their 9-5 job immediately. Most of them are ready to focus on entrepreneurship, have some fun, have more family time, and work to take back control of their time, passion, and their lives.

The unique thing is that earning more money online is not a pipe dream. It has ups and downs, but I have been making extra income steadily for nearly a decade now. I also know people who are earning extra money online in their thousands via social media, websites, blogs, courses, or unique digital marketing strategies.

Now, here’s the most exciting part: The majority of online income strategies aren’t all complicated. Like many business ventures, your online income source would take time to grow into stability. It would be best if you were willing to pay the price: devote the required energy and time to get your idea off the ground and make up your mind to stick with it as you first start.

However, if you are hoping to earn additional money online but unsure of a starting point, here are the 13 best ways to make more money online with the most viable strategies to ruminate:

#1: Google AdSense

If you visit many blogs or websites lately, you ought to have seen Google ads. The ads are everywhere and for a good reason. They are easy to set up on any blog or website just as they become lucrative once your website starts having a steady and growing amount of traffic.

Another cool thing about Google AdSense as a way of making money is that it’s so easy to get it set up. If you have or manage a website or blog, you can sign up for a free Google AdSense Account – just like that. Then, Google will give you a unique ad code that you will paste onto your blog or website. Google takes it from there by helping you track your traffic, page views, and earnings. Understand the fact that there is no maintenance cost to get Google AdSense going, and it makes it a no-brainer for anyone who has a blog or website already.

How much will you make monthly from Google AdSense?

With Google AdSense, it depends. There is no specific amount you can earn, but you can have a monthly target in mind. Start with $200 in mind and grow it to make $500 monthly via Google AdSense. Then, take it up a notch to $1,000 before shooting for $5,000. Please, do not allow these targets to overwhelm you because they are all achievable.

#2: Affiliate Marketing

Whether you have a blog or are still gathering ideas for a website, you can also consider affiliate marketing option. With affiliate marketing, you tend to partner with businesses and brands within the content of your blog or website. When you mention an offer (product or service), you add the URL of it to get a commission. You see, when you register for any affiliate program, you will be given a unique affiliate code you will insert on your blog or website. Hence, you will earn a commission any time someone buys a service or product through your unique affiliate code or link.

Meanwhile, always consider to partner with affiliates related to your website or blog niche. Sign up for individual affiliate programs, and also think to sign up for any affiliate ad network that offers lots of different affiliates alongside. That way, you can review what works from what doesn’t work periodically.

Besides, if you need inspiration, my mentor Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Sense would give you expert guidance on all things affiliate marketing. She consistently earns more than $100,000 per month from her blog with affiliate sales topping the list. Because of her multiple success with affiliate marketing programs over the years, Michelle has created a course to help you get started ~ Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

Although Michelle works with several affiliates in the financial services industry, her most significant affiliate sales are from Bluehost – a blog hosting company. So, you can make money with nearly any affiliate marketing company, service, or product if you understand your audience and how to build up organic traffic to create sales.

#3: Consulting

Another easy way to earning more money online is via consulting. As an expert in any field, potentially find people willing to pay you for advice and tips. You can counsel people based on their business or personal goals, how to stop certain habits, how-to hacks, and so on.

How to consult online to make money

Believe you can do it and start. It is easy if you make up your mind and get to work. For example, I remember Robert Farrington (The College Investor) as someone who consulted online in an unlikely industry. After he has blogged for a few years, he got requests from a couple of brands asking him to help them with their social media marketing and online influence.

Robert testified that he did an average of 4-6 gigs per year for a while based on his schedule and the volume of work involved per gig. The exciting part is, he charged his clients a flat rate that ranges around $100 per hour. Do not forget; he was earning to advise people on ways to use social media marketing tools like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook to grow their brands.

If you desire to start consulting but aren’t sure how to start, you can set up a free user account through Clarity.fm. The website lets prospective consultants set up a free profile and get started. Once your profile is set up, the site would help people to find you and book a session. In no time, you will begin to receive payment to give advice.

#4: Online Courses

Do you know that if you have any teachable skill, it’s also possible to set up an online course and market it online? There are tons of online courses that teach anything from DIY, cooking, fitness, freelance writing, or marketing. Heck, I even bought a course for financial advisors who want to take their consulting businesses online. Here it is – The Online Advisor Growth Formula. 

Having said all, you can set up your teaching business online by setting up your online courses through a platform like Teachable.com. With Teachable, you can upload your online course materials as well as use the platform to accept payments and manage customers.

#5: Book Sales

While the book publishing industry used to be heavy in print, a lot have changed since the advent of the internet. You can now complete the publishing process of writing, proofreading, designing, publishing, and marketing a book smoothly and effortlessly these days. Several websites, like kindle and Create Space, will let you upload and print your book without getting a formal publisher involved. You can also promote the book across different book platforms, including Amazon for people to buy.

For example, Joseph Hogue has a top blog (My Work from Home Money) and a flourishing book publishing business. He has written lots of books he has published online to create a recurring source of passive income. Excitingly, he averages about 685 books sales per month with an average of $1,857 in monthly revenue. I love this.

If you think you could write a few pages of your mind people would want to buy, then consider this passive income source. The start-up costs would be minimal, especially if you already have a PC with a word processing software installed.

#6: Podcasting

You can also earn money online by Hosting an online podcast.  Create a podcast to go along with your website or blog as well as use it to seek new advertisers and sponsors from time to time.  I know that it might look like a Herculean task to land your first sponsor, but keep at it and do not stop. I am saying this because when you land your sponsors, you would be surprised to know that some would be willing to pay $5,000 plus for a period of 30, 60, 90 or 120 days. It’s exciting to land a sponsor when you know how to monetize your podcast.

Several people are making good money via their podcasts, and they are paving ways for newcomers to grow. For instance, the Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast by John Lee Dumas recorded a net income report of over $400,000 in a single month in 2018. I know it sounds crazy, but that’s the height of it; overwhelming.

Above all, there is a way to go about it. The key to getting ahead and earning more money with podcasting is finding a fitting niche, growing a vibrant audience, and then finding unique ways to connect with sponsors and monetize your podcast. This is not the easiest way to earn more money online due to several logistics involved. Just master the parts: writing, recording, editing, and promoting your podcast, and this venture would be worth considering.

#7: YouTube Channel

You see, you can own a YouTube channel and turn it into an online money-spinner. YouTube is vast and full of visual information you can search for using keywords. Although there are thousands of YouTube channels on different topics, all you need is to start your own and grow the audience and subscribers. Most of the owners of YouTube channels with hundreds of following are earning monthly in exchange for their channel traffic and time.

I still remember a men’s fashion expert, Antonio Centeno who grew his channel into a million-dollar business even though he was a marine officer before. His YouTube channel is known as “Real Men Real Style.” You too can start your channel and grow it to the point of monetizing it. You can monetize with sponsored posts or YouTube ads.

#8: Lead Sales

Collecting leads is another way to earn more money online. If you would want this a money-making venture, the main steps include setting up a blog or website, getting traffic to it, and systematically collecting leads that someone would wish to.

How can lead sales work in real life

When you have a website with tons of traffic of people searching the web for answers, gather the leads and seek for people that are interested in them. It is as simple as straightforward as that.

Many lead buyers are willing to exchange the personal information you gather from people who visit your website. So, it is a win-win-win situation for all parties. You get paid, your site visitors get to their expected vendors, and the vendors get to their target audience.

Above all, keep in mind that you can sell leads in many different niches and just one or two. You only need to figure out a convenient niche, set up a blog or website, get the traffic, and see how much money you can earn from the leads you collect.

#9: Freelance Writing

If you have honed your writing skills and creative talent, you can get paid to create online content. It is a very viable income stream if you work to nurture and grow it. I made my first $1000 online through writing, and it has opened other means of making money online to me.

One example of a prominent writer is Holly Johnson. He makes over $200,000 per year by creating content for blogs and other websites. The $200,000 is an addition to the six figures she regularly earns with her blog, Club Thrifty. According to her story, she started writing content in 2011 as a side hustle to a full-time job. Over time, she got better and increased her rates until she quit her full-time job to write. Now, she breaks the bank as a freelance writer while helping others to do the same through her “Earn More Writing” course.

Note, one standard key among top freelance writers is figuring out the right niche, network to get the right to hire you, and delivering high quality works consistently. Although there are many writing job boards, you can get started from, but it’s relatively easy to seek starter writing jobs on Upwork.com or Fiverr.com.

#10: Start and Grow a Community

You should make money online by building a vibrant online community. For example, you can create a community via your blog or website. You can also start a membership forum online and charge a small fee monthly or annually. A Facebook group is another online community you can get started to promote and sell your products and services.

Having an interactive community is a great way to set up an online market. I know of some WhatsApp forums set up and used for marketing, promotion, and exchange of services. Some others grow their communities on Telegram which has a capacity of 5,000 members, unlike WhatsApp that has only 250. Consider any of the above and start your community.

#11: Webinars

Here is another strategic online income source ~ using webinars to market courses, products, and services. With a webinar, you will be offering a lot of tips, insights, and advice for free — live. At the end of your webinar, you will pitch your paid service or product with the intent of securing a few deals.

Do you know Grant Baldwin? He uses webinars to market and promotes his ‘Get Booked and Paid to Speak’ services as well as his courses on public speaking. While Baldwin usually offers tons of free tips during his webinar, he never misses offering his course at the end each session for people who want to subscribe to learn more. Moreover, guess what, his sales pitch works most times.

Note, no matter what product or service you are marketing, it’s not that hard to set up a free webinar and attract people to sign up using Facebook ads or a lead magnet. Remember, you can also search for a free webinar on how to create your free and first webinar.

#12: Sponsored Posts

Here is another great concept. With considerable social media following or a website, you can also earn money through sponsored ads and posts.

How to make money online through sponsored posts

Companies are willing to pay social media influencers and to promote their services, products, and events. So, if you have a platform (a vast Instagram following or a blog), you can cash in quickly.

As a starter to this venture, your first deal will not be more than a few bucks, but don’t shoot yourself in the leg when you are negotiating.  With time and increased audience and traffic or social media following, you will be receiving as high as $100.  After the $100 level, your rates will be growing as well as your clients. This level is one of the most exciting feelings of making more money online.

Keep in mind that there are bloggers and social media influencers that get $20,000+ for a sponsored post. I know how this sounds pretty crazy, but it just goes to show how the path lights brighter over time.

#13. Flipping domains

People don’t always see domain flipping as a popular way of earning more money online, but domain hosting companies like GoDaddy do beg to differ. What is domain flipping?

The concept is easy and straight-forward. You buy a unique and attractive domain name that you believe someone will want to purchase in the future. After keeping it, if you’re lucky enough, you will get an offer from a buyer looking to own that domain shortly.

You can also acquire domain names with similarity to already popular domains and reach out to the domain owners and see if they would want the similar domain names. Note that Domain flipping is a long-term project and not something that you will see immediate profits once you start.

How to get started with Domain Flipping 

Decide a niche to focus on, research the keywords, purchase domain names that fit your expectations, and research how much you can sell your domain name for on Namebio. Be patient for people to reach out to you while you work to reach out to other potential buyers.

How profitable is domain flipping?

It is very profitable. While there have been domain names flipped for millions of dollars, a few hundred to some thousand dollars is a more typical price point to start. In this niche, if someone can flip two-three domain names a month, his estimated monthly income would be above $1000. 

The Bottom Line

These are a handful of ways to earning six figures online, but you have to make them work. If you create time, improve your passion for some of them, and add some creative skill to the mix, you may be able to build an online income stream or two.

However, don’t just take my word for it. Create time to look online; you’ll find hundreds of success stories in diverse niches you can use for inspiration. Give any of these a try; you will never know what lies at the end of the horizon.

What else can you add? Leave your comment and share to your friends on social media.

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